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Don’t do it. I know sometimes it’s tempting, especially when mothers are going around cheating on board games with their own children just because the mother — not the child — is bored. Michelle Hastings admits she’s sometimes cheated to

How often do we get to say that? The Wall St. Journal has a story out this morning that Congress is considering a tax break for Angel Investors. The idea, as reported, is that investors would get to write off

I stumbled across Founders at Work, and was immediately entranced. Guy Kawasaki had the same reaction, and quoted some of the best bits, including this: ¬ďAll the best things I did at Apple came from (a) not having money, and

This is a forum for those who don’t want VC. If you are funding your own startup yourself, be it with credit cards or whatever, you are in a sense your own Angel investor. Last week I attended an event

Credit Card VC has not exactly caught on as the buzz word of the moment, but that’s OK with me. It shouldn’t. You have to be nuts to start a company on credit cards and expect everything to be OK.

Credit cards are bad, evil, a pain in the arse, etc. But they will never do this to you. Michael Arrington does an excellent job, as he always does, of being honest and open about the stuff that other people

A VC is talking about the importance of saying no. Sure, of course. A VC eats “no” for breakfast and poops it all day long. That’s what VCs do. The discussion from that post gets into the need for startups

OK, Apple, nee Apple Computers, announced a phone that looks so awesome, I’m seriously bummed that I have to wait six months for it. It’s clear that the gang at Apple has put all their effort into making the best

The core meme of this blog is a bit unusual, if only because it goes against the grain of so much of the conventional wisdom. So when there’s an exception, it jumps out. I just today came across this blog

OK. If you are really thinking about CreditCardVC, if you are really thinking that you should take your idea and fund it yourself, there are a few things that you need to have. Most of them are listed in the