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Serial Entrepreneurs

Now in the midst of my second startup, people often say to me, “Wow, so you are one of those serial entrepreneurs.” It’s true, I suppose. I didn’t exactly plan it this way, but here I am. The whole notion

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No Compunction about No Competition

Quite often, it seems, people violate, or come too close to violating a non-compete clause after they sell a company. Here’s the latest example. Davis previously sold a recruiting blog to Jobster, and worked with the company for a while.

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Another rule of the Credit Card VC: Use your own cards!

I shouldn’t have to say this, but apparently I do. That guy somehow convinced some reputable VCs to put money into his anti-identity theft venture. The rub: it turns out that the (accused) slimeball is himself an ID thief, and

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University Hospital is the last I see in a series of this kind of announcement. Despite moving to a new facility, the University of Colorado Hospital is expected to layoff up to 70 people by the end of the month

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Another Credit Card VC adopter

I know I’m linking to Guy twice in a row, but his latest post makes it clear that he fully groks the Credit Card VC ethos: By the Numbers: How I built a Web 2.0, User-Generated Content, Citizen Journalism, Long-Tail,

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This is the end, my friend

I don’t live or work in the valley, but it’s becoming more and more clear that things are koyaanisqatsi (life out of balance). Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, wrote about this with great clarity this morning. Times are good, money

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Introspection for a blog is a good thing, and will always be part of any good blog. Old media doesn’t do as much of that, they don’t have to wonder what is their core purpose — they know that their

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Here’s a CreditCardVC Role Model

Don’t think that it’s actually possible to start a company using only credit cards and then have it grow until something good happens? It’s a good thing that Randy Morin didn’t think that way. He started a project in his

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Thanks for nothin’

If you are building a company, and you are hoping that company has a healthy exit some day, the way to do that is to focus on what it is you are doing, and do it so well that some

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First-Name basis

I heard that Cher and Madonna are friends. They’re on a first-name basis. Over at my day job, the worlds best legislative database, we struggle sometime with our name, which can be hard to prounounce. It’d be nice in some

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