Buzz Kill

Credit Card VC has not exactly caught on as the buzz word of the moment, but that’s OK with me. It shouldn’t. You have to be nuts to start a company on credit cards and expect everything to be OK.

Still, I like “Credit Card VC” better than “Peer Production,” which doesn’t seem to say very much and yet seems to have some people trying to use it as though it’s the accepted way to describe… something… perhaps the “movement” behind Open Source software. It comes from an academic, if Wikipedia is to be believed. Figures.

I first learned of it from an alert reader who sent me a story about some of the political ramifications of “Peer Production.” If you have better things to do, and I know you do, don’t read the whole thing, and for sure don’t read the comments, which devolve into a miasma about the Future of Journalism.

And I’m not sure I buy into all of the political ramifications of lowering the cost of production. Maybe I’m missing something. I just think it’s the way the world is going in so many ways: Cheaper, more complicated, more interconnected, more information-driven.

So, you can either sit back and ruminate on that, or you can get to work and create some cheaper solutions that are more complicated on the back end and yet they makes things easier for people on the front end and — by the way — those solutions are more intereconnected and information-driven.

So, use whatever buzz words you want, but if you really want to change the world, you’ve got some work to do, and blogging about buzz words doesn’t count. Not even for me, so back to work I go.


In my second go around as a Credit Card-Self-Venture-Capitalist.

2 Comments on “Buzz Kill

  1. Why would you do something cheaper, better and with less brain damage? Why is there even a question about why?

    Look, the argument about throwing off the chains of the oppressors was over 90 years ago, and again 60 years ago. It’s interesting that they chose that Soviet-style graphic because that _should_ be the motif for Microsoft.

    As for the academic stuff, I tire of that crap really quickly. I just don’t care how many angels are dancing on that particular pinhead.