Month: October 2006

OK, this blog will be about more than just the core topic (inspiration for entrepreneurs going it alone) and Google video and Mark Cuban’s commentary, but this is just too fetid not to comment about. There’s also a large and

The more I think about this drug analogy for credit cards, the more apt it seems. Sure, credit cards are legal, and the credit card companies — just like drug dealers — do whatever they can to get you what

Look, I’m a Catholic, and so I tend to feel guilty about a lot of stuff. I’m starting to feel a bit guilty about being the only one on the public square in favor of credit card debt. Every expert

The job of an entrepreneur is not clear, there are no defined job descriptions, or whatever. But boiled down, your job is to worry about everything, and then act on the things that are the most worrying. So, when do

I realized I should be clear about one thing before someone takes this the wrong way: Do NOT get in over your head with unsubstantiated hopes. If you have a solid business plan, really solid, and you have some certainty

OK, this is a blog for bootstrappers, for people who like being in business for themselves, and really there’s no reason for us to be thinking about YouTube, etc. But it is fun. For me, the one guy who’s been

Welcome to Credit Card VC, I’m Scott Yates. This place, I hope, will be a home for people like me: entrepreneurs starting their own high-tech company. Maybe — like me — you aren’t doing this for the first time. And