YouTube and You

OK, this is a blog for bootstrappers, for people who like being in business for themselves, and really there’s no reason for us to be thinking about YouTube, etc.

But it is fun.

For me, the one guy who’s been spot-on through all of this is Marc Cuban, who’s been hammering away at this deal since it was just in the rumor stage. He’s the one who really brought up the comparison between YouTube now and Napster from back in it’s fun days.

And then on October 11th, he predicted that the suits would begin not against GooTube, but against some smaller outfit so that the big boys could establish some precedent without having to go up against all the lawyers Google can buy in the first trip to the courthouse.

I read Cuban’s prediction, and actually thought to myself: “Boy, I hope my memory serves me well enough to remember this when and if it actually comes true.”

Even my memory was able to hold up because it’s only been a week, and now Universal is suing a couple of smaller sites.

So, what’s the lesson for us? What are we, the small guys just trying to pay the bills, supposed to learn from this? Nothing really. The multiples of the YouTube sale, the whole Google zeitgeist, are classic Fantasy Business League stuff.

OK. Back to sales for me!


In my second go around as a Credit Card-Self-Venture-Capitalist.