Sunday Nights

The job of an entrepreneur is not clear, there are no defined job descriptions, or whatever.

But boiled down, your job is to worry about everything, and then act on the things that are the most worrying.

So, when do you do that worrying. For me, it bunches up on Sunday nights. I’ve spend a blissful day or two with my family, and then all the worries come creeping up, making it impossible to get to sleep.

Turns out, I’m not alone.

“I think what most people experience are thoughts of dread,” said psychotherapist Dr. David Wright. “Before going back to work they experience withdrawal behaviors, they don’t enjoy their Sundays.”

OK, it’s a bunch of psycho-babble, but I find it to be true.

What’s interesting to me is that a TV station did this story, and yet TV stations have their worst programming on Sunday nights late. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been unable to fall asleep Sunday night and then was stuck watching some bad sports interview show, infomercial or other crap. I suppose it’s good, because it reminds me that TV doesn’t help anyway, and I should really go dig up an old WSJ and read that instead.


In my second go around as a Credit Card-Self-Venture-Capitalist.

1 Comment on “Sunday Nights

  1. Oh yeah, that’s me alright. I guess the key is to put your mind on something you like to do or something that is more productive/benificial to some goal you have in the oven.