Month: April 2007

Here’s a CreditCardVC Role Model

Don’t think that it’s actually possible to start a company using only credit cards and then have it grow until something good happens? It’s a good thing that Randy Morin didn’t think that way. He started a project in his

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Look, I love TechCrunch. It always seems to have the news I’m interested in first. I should have written posts about all the things that I saw TC do properly. But this was too sweet to resist. Here’s TechCrunch yesterday,

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Thanks for nothin’

If you are building a company, and you are hoping that company has a healthy exit some day, the way to do that is to focus on what it is you are doing, and do it so well that some

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First-Name basis

I heard that Cher and Madonna are friends. They’re on a first-name basis. Over at my day job, the worlds best legislative database, we struggle sometime with our name, which can be hard to prounounce. It’d be nice in some

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