Look, I love TechCrunch. It always seems to have the news I’m interested in first. I should have written posts about all the things that I saw TC do properly.

But this was too sweet to resist.

Here’s TechCrunch yesterday, wirting about how Google is going to be announcing a replacement for Power Point:

They acquired Writely, and (mostly) built their spreadsheet application. The smart money is saying this is a build, not a buy.

Then today I read on the unofficial Google blog that Google has bought a company for its Power Point replacement.

The main guy at TechCrunch, being a stand-up guy, immediately posted an update to his post, and even teased himself a bit in the process. Because he’s a class guy, he didn’t write, “From now on I won’t believe anything from the source who told me that Google will build this in house.”

But I bet he’s thinking that!


In my second go around as a Credit Card-Self-Venture-Capitalist.

2 Comments on “Ooopsie

  1. You may have seen this, but in a comment it becomes clear that the company Google bought is not providing the main part of the application — only a small portion of the technology. As it turns out, it is mostly “build,” not “buy” after all.

  2. Curtis – It’s true, this wasn’t exactly a Dewey Defeats Truman kind of headline, but the timing was such that I couldn’t resist the post.