Just grok it

Every once in a while I notice when someone writes something that makes me think they grok the ethos of Credit Card VC. I’m not saying they are foolish enough to actually use credit cards to finance a business, but they are simpatico with the notion.

This morning, in comment No. 7 to this post about an acquisition of a Sacramento company made me laugh so hard I almost spilled by grapefruit juice.

Shhhh…you’re not supposed to mention Sacramento. Don’t make us send our catering crew over there…..

1st rule of building a startup in Sacramento is you’re not supposed to mention Sacramento

2nd rule of building a startup in Sacramento, is you’re NOT supposed to mention Sacramento.

3rd rule of bootstrapping in Sacramento, is that if we are mentioned frequently on TC or elsewhere our talent and engineers get recruited to SV/SF, only to return when the bubble goes limp, taps out or bursts.

4th rule of bootstrapping in Sacramento is try and talk to local Angels and VCs before you have to drive to Menlo Park

5th rule of building a startup in Sacramento is it costs even less here.

6th Rule of building a startup in Sacramento is build something with a product and value, you can’t sell a burn rate, man.

7th Rule of Sacramento start ups is you can bootstrap as long as you have to.

8th Rule of Sacramento startups is, if this is your first start up here, you will probably be doing another…

Grats to the MaxPreps team, they’ve been at it awhile. Always good to see other local teams making good.

PS: There is no Sacramento Startup Club, and if there were we deny its existence.

Very nice. I don’t know what Allen Sligar’s company does, but I wish him luck.

On the other end of the spectrum, and I hesitate about doing this but just can’t resist, is YouniversityVentures .com. This is a VC outfit that only funds companies that are alums of the schools the founders attended. Heh.

Remember in college the guys who talked about high school a bit too much?


In my second go around as a Credit Card-Self-Venture-Capitalist.