Sometimes I see connections between items that aren’t commonly seen. Sometimes this makes me seem brilliant, and sometimes people look at me like I’m Jerry Fletcher.
For instance today I wrote one blog comment on Mark Cuban’s blog that made connections between three seemingly disparate posts.

But closer to the relevancy of this blog are two items posted right now on TechCrunch. One of them is also related to one of Cuban’s blog items, and it concerns a new company that is paying bloggers to write about a topic. This new one seems slightly less invidious because it actually requires bloggers to disclose the financial arrangement.

The interesting link to me is between that topic — trying to find new ways to generate essentially small amounts of cash — and the one that follows that about an outfit that makes very small investments in new companies, because that small investment is all that’s needed. This is all classic Long Tail stuff; i.e. making a few pennies here and there off a lot of people doing small things.
The bit about small investments should be familiar to readers of this blog, as we advocate investments so small that you could actually put them all on your credit card. It’s the way that software and the world are moving, the end of the “hit” manufactured by an expensive process.

I just want people to remember one thing: There is no easy money. Even if you can start a business on your credit cards, it’s not going to become a $20-million business without the idea AND boatloads of really hard hard hard work.

So, if you think you are smart, and maybe you are, just remember that there are boatloads of smart people out there. The only thing that will get you a big win is hard work. That said, I need to get back to work.

Thanks for reading.


In my second go around as a Credit Card-Self-Venture-Capitalist.